About Us

For centuries now, agarbatti has been essential to many aspects of life in India. From spirituality and divine rituals to meditation and aromatherapy, Indians use agarbattis every day. Interestingly, in the north, it is spelled as agarbatti. And in the south, we use agarbathi. Whatever the spelling, incense and incense sticks have been a valued part of our heritage and traditions.

Sugandh Lok is a new luxury agarbatti brand from the house of Sarathi International. With a legacy of 75 years in ethically made, high quality agarbattis, Sarathi has been the choice of global connoisseurs in over 43 countries. To offer the Indian consumer even more value, Sugandh Lok offers agarbathies of the same globally preferred quality and purity from the source. Our experience centre and website help you take home Sugandh Lok products, directly from our immaculate facilities in Bangalore.

As an agarbatti manufacturing company with one of the widest fragrance ranges today, Sugandh Lok brings together pure ingredients, natural oils, ethical and environmentally friendly practices like recycling temple flowers, and aesthetic presentation. Choose from premium fragrances and agarbatti sticks, oils, and garden varietals, directly from the source.


of purity and ethical craftsmanship

Sarathi International was founded in 1945 with purity and ethical craftsmanship as our guiding values. We grew quickly to global acclaim, becoming a leading agarbatti manufacturing company with authentic, exceptional products. From sourcing the finest natural ingredients to painstaking production and meticulous finishing, our team of 540 craftsmen is constantly checking for quality and purity.

To imbue our products with the utmost purity in every way, Sugandh Lok insists on ethical production across our facilities. From clean, safe environments and compliance with all local manpower regulations to superior compensation, benefit packages, and financial aid for the education of employees’ children, we take care of our own. We are especially stringent on not using child labour.


  • Pure ingredients with no harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes
  • Recycled temple flowers that are natural and blessed
  • Pure charcoal that mitigates toxins and has health benefits
  • Natural scents that please the senses with no irritation


  • Made by methods that focus on reducing wastage at every production stage with scientific recycling of waste
  • Made in vegan-certified factories with absolutely no animal ingredients
  • No usage of chemicals hazardous to humans, animals, or the environment
  • No generation of industrial effluents


  • Sourced directly from our certified immaculate agarbatti manufacturing company, in Bangalore, and sold in our experience centre and on our website
  • Sold solely by weight to ensure our customers enjoy absolute value
  • Packaged uniquely and aesthetically; ideal for gifting to yourself and others
  • Offered with a no-questions return policy, even after initial usage. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we do not distinguish between manufacturing defects or customer change of mind
  • Certified safe as per international & European norms

For decades, we have been recognised as India’s most socially conscious agarbatti manufacturer. The Sarathi Charitable Trust was founded in 1980 to give back to the less privileged sections of society.


The introduction of brand Sugandh Lok marks many firsts. It is the first time that an agarbatti manufacturer with a legacy of 75 years and global renown is offering its fragrant agarbattis to the Indian consumer - that too directly from immaculate factories in Bangalore.

Sugandh Lok also pioneers another first – an experience centre that offers Indian consumers a sensorial journey of our fragrances. The only one of its kind in India, the Sugandh Lok Experience Centre in Bangalore is full of diverse, delectable aromas in a variety of sizes and packaging.

The Centre will also feature 105 exclusive agarbatti products being introduced in India for the first time. Customers can walk in to savour the many scents and learn about the benefits of the many ingredients. What’s more, they are able to procure freshly packed products at pleasing, direct-to-consumer prices.

At Sugandh Lok, our operational focus is on quality, the environment, employee safety and satisfaction, and impeccable products. We are proud to be certified by both the ISO and the WHO for quality, environmental management, and good manufacturing practices.

ISO Certified for QUALITY

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified Organization

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies that upholds high standards for customers and stakeholders. Only a few organizations meet their stringent standards and are certified ISO-compliant.

Sugandh Lok has stringent and separate procedures for every ingredient e. g. natural oils, bamboo sticks, and charcoal. Our dedicated QC teams check for quality in sourcing and line production as well as conduct randomised testing of finished goods. At every stage and point of the manufacturing process; be it raw materials, processing, packaging, or performance, we have processes and checks in place to ensure the utmost purity for customers.


ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Certified Organization

Across our commercial facilities, we have minimised wastage to match that of a single residence - a major achievement. We generate no industrial effluents. We recycle every single material possible, from glass and plastic to paper. This is in addition to using as little plastic and paper possible. We have also adopted traditional Indian customs e. g. usage of steel cups and plates for employees to reduce waste. Across our facilities, the emphasis is on creating green, clean spaces with lots of ventilation and generous floor-to-space ratios for employee well-being.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

WHO-GMP Good Manufacturing Practices Certified Organization

GMPs cover quality control, sourcing of raw materials, processing, upkeep, and maintenance (buildings, facilities and equipment), personnel management (complaints, sanitation and hygiene, documentation), and more.

At Sugandh Lok, GMPs are followed in all aspects – across products, people, processes, procedures, and premises. The complex international GMP system ensures the proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Adherence to these practices helps ensure the quality and purity of our products.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is a regulatory agency in the European Union (EU) and the driving force that manages implementation of the EU's chemicals legislation. ECHA is an independent and mature regulatory agency established by the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation in 2007. REACH protects human health and the environment by restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in products made and sold in the EU. To be certified by this agency according to these regulations, a company must account for compliance throughout the supply chain and demonstrate it through comprehensive testing.