What is Sugandh Lok?

Sugandh Lok is an agarbatti manufacturing company that brings together divinity and nature in the form of pure agarbattis, brought to you directly from our immaculate factories in Bangalore. With one of the widest fragrance ranges today, Sugandh Lok offers agarbattis made from pure ingredients and natural oils in ethical and environmentally friendly practices like recycling temple flowers. 

Why do you recycle temple flowers?

Every day, many thousands of tonnes of flowers are used for worship in temples across India. Once the worship is done, these flowers must be disposed of. With the exponential rise in temples and people over many decades, this poses a huge environmental risk. If dumped into water bodies, these flowers can disturb the balance of aquatic life. In landfills, they become huge loads that decompose too slowly. Sugandh Lok uses these flowers to create memorable fragrances and help our planet breathe.

You recycle temple flowers? Tell me more.

Sugandh Lok fragrances are not just divine but blessed! We partner with Holy Waste to recycle flowers and leaves from temples into our pure charcoal agarbattis. Our efforts ensure that the floral aftermath of temple worship does not end up in landfills or water bodies. The flowers add a touch of holiness to Sugandh Lok and help us stay true to our goal of eco-friendly manufacturing. 

Is Sugandh Lok a new brand?

Sugandh Lok is a new luxury agarbatti brand from the house of Sarathi International. With a legacy of 75 years in ethically made, high quality agarbattis, Sarathi has been the choice of global connoisseurs in over 45 countries. To offer the Indian consumer even more value, Sugandh Lok offers agarbattis of the same globally preferred quality and purity from the source. 

Are Sugandh Lok agarbattis natural?

Absolutely. Our agarbattis are made of completely natural, pure ingredients like pure charcoal, bamboo sticks, and temple flowers. Each agarbatti contains natural oils and is completely alcohol-free and free from synthetic dyes with no harmful chemicals.

Are Sugandh Lok agarbattis kind?

100%. Our agarbattis are made from recyclable materials with a fair trade policy. No child labour is used in any of our factories or units, and every product is free from animal testing. 

Are Sugandh Lok agarbattis made responsibly?

We are proud to say that every Sugandh Lok product is made with love, with the heritage of 75 years of agarbatti craftsmanship. All our agarbattis are made with recycled temple flowers and proudly made in India.

Are Sugandh Lok agarbattis safe?

All Sugandh Lok products are tested and certified safe as per stringent quality norms set by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Are Sugandh Lok agarbattis vegan?

Every Sugandh Lok agarbatti is made in vegan-certified factories, with no animal ingredients.

Is it agarbatti or agarbathi?

In the north of India, incense sticks are known as agarbatti. And in the south, we use agarbathi. Whatever the spelling, incense has been a valued part of our heritage and traditions. And whether our customers prefer to think of us as India’s most authentic agarbatti manufacturing company or India’s purest agarbatti manufacturing company, we welcome it. 

What are your collections?

We offer a large variety of fragrances across our Classique, Aangan, Mini, Premiere, Signature, and Vogue Collections. Please do look at the different collections to select the fragrances of your choice. 

How long will your agarbattis burn for? 

Except for Aangan and Mini, all our agarbattis are 9 inches long and burn for approximately 60 minutes. Our Mini Collection is 6 inches long and burns for approximately 20 minutes. Our Aangan Collection is 16 inches long and burns for approximately 2.5 hours. 

I have never used agarbattis before. What should I start with?

We recommend the Sugandh Lok Mini Collection for its burning time or the Vogue Collection for its soothing new age fragrances. 

I am looking for traditional agarbattis for prayer or meditation. 

We recommend the Classique, Premiere, and Signature Collections.

I am looking for agarbattis for an outdoor get-together.

The Aangan Collection is 16 inches long and ideal for larger gatherings.

How do I use Sugandh Lok agarbattis?

Light the pure charcoal-coated tip of the agarbatti stick. Once lit, carefully blow out the flame and insert the bamboo end into an agarbatti holder.

What precautions should I observe?

Sugandh Lok agarbattis are for intermittent fragrance use only. Burn in a well-ventilated, open area. Please ensure that the ash falls on fireproof surfaces only. Please keep out of reach of children and pets. Please do not leave unattended or use near flammable materials. 

Why should I buy from Sugandh Lok?

Sugandh Lok is sold to customers directly from our ISO-certified, immaculate factory in Bangalore. Our agarbattis are certified safe as per international and European norms and are sold solely by weight for absolute value. Ideal for gifting, they come in unique and aesthetic packaging. 

What is your return policy?

All Sugandh Lok products are offered with a no-questions return policy, even after initial usage. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we do not distinguish between manufacturing defects or customer change of mind. If you have used less than 5% of your product, and you would like to return it, we ask that you contact us within 7 working days. For agarbatti boxes that are still 95% full, we offer a full refund. Please contact us with your order number at 91-80-42544254 or care@sugandhlok.com

What is your shipping policy?

Sugandh Lok aims to dispatch all products within 7 working days of receiving your order.

Where can I see or smell your products?

You can visit our experience centre or website to bring Sugandh Lok products directly from our immaculate facilities in Bangalore. The Sugandh Lok Experience Centre in Bangalore is full of diverse, delectable aromas in a variety of sizes and packaging. It also features 105 exclusive agarbatti products being introduced in India for the first time ever. Customers can walk in to savour the many scents and learn about the benefits of the many ingredients. What’s more, you can procure freshly packed products at pleasing, direct-to-consumer prices.

What are your products made of?

Sugandh Lok agarbattis are made of pure ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes. We use pure charcoal that mitigates toxins and has health benefits, along with bamboo sticks. We also use recycled temple flowers that are natural and blessed. Our natural scents please your senses with no irritation.

Is Sugandh Lok eco-friendly and responsible?

Absolutely. Every Sugandh Lok agarbatti is made in vegan-certified factories, with no animal ingredients. We do not generate any industrial effluents whatsoever or use any chemicals hazardous to humans, animals, or the environment. We do not use child labour at all. Across our factories, we focus on manufacturing methods that reduce wastage at every production stage, with scientific recycling of all waste. 

How does Sugandh Lok check for quality?

From sourcing the finest natural ingredients to painstaking production and meticulous finishing, our team of 540 craftsmen is constantly checking for quality and purity. Sugandh Lok has stringent and separate procedures for every ingredient e. g. natural oils, bamboo sticks, and charcoal. Our dedicated QC teams check for quality in sourcing and line production as well as conduct randomized testing of finished goods. At every stage and point of the manufacturing process; be it raw materials, processing, packaging, or performance, we have processes and checks in place to ensure the utmost purity for customers.

What certifications do you have? 

We are internationally certified for quality, good practices, and environmental friendliness with the following accreditations: 

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified Organization

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Certified Organization

WHO-GMP Good Manufacturing Practices Certified Organization