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For centuries now, agarbatti has been essential to many aspects of life in India. From spirituality and divine rituals to meditation and aromatherapy, Indians use agarbattis every day. Interestingly, in the north, it is spelled as agarbatti. And in the south, we use agarbathi. Whatever the spelling, incense and incense sticks have been a valued part of our heritage and traditions.

Sugandh Lok is a new luxury agarbatti brand from the house of Sarathi International. With a legacy of 75 years in ethically made, high quality agarbattis, Sarathi has been the choice of global connoisseurs in over 43 countries. To offer the Indian consumer even more value, Sugandh Lok offers agarbattis of the same globally preferred quality and purity from the source. Our experience center and website help you take home Sugandh Lok products, directly from our immaculate facilities in Bangalore.

As an agarbatti manufacturing company with one of the widest fragrance ranges today, Sugandh Lok brings together pure ingredients, natural oils, ethical and environmentally friendly practices like recycling temple flowers, and aesthetic presentation. Choose from premium fragrances and agarbatti sticks, oils, and garden varietals, directly from the source.

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