To imbue our products with the utmost purity in every way, Sugandh Lok insists on ethical production across our facilities. From clean, safe environments and compliance with all local manpower regulations to superior compensation, benefit packages, and financial aid for the education of employees’ children, we take care of our own. We are especially stringent on not using child labour.


  • Pure ingredients with no harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes
  • Recycled temple flowers that are natural and blessed
  • Pure charcoal that mitigates toxins and has health benefits
  • Natural scents that please the senses with no irritation


  • Made by methods that focus on reducing wastage at every production stage with scientific recycling of waste
  • Made in vegan-certified factories with absolutely no animal ingredients
  • No usage of chemicals hazardous to humans, animals, or the environment
  • No generation of industrial effluents


  • Sourced directly from our certified immaculate agarbatti manufacturing company, in Bangalore, and sold in our experience centre and on our website
  • Sold solely by weight to ensure our customers enjoy absolute value
  • Packaged uniquely and aesthetically; ideal for gifting to yourself and others
  • Offered with a no-questions return policy, even after initial usage. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we do not distinguish between manufacturing defects or customer change of mind
  • Certified safe as per international & European norms