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Divine Parijatak Agarbatti - Signature

Divine Parijatak Agarbatti - Signature

Recycled Temple Flowers | Pure Ingredients | Long Lasting Fragrance | Wooden Agarbathie Stand Included

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Sugandh Lok’s Divine Parijatak is a lingering fragrance that captivates your senses. Native to India, the parijatak is a beautiful white flower with a blazing orange heart that blooms at night. Its intense, heady fragrance perfumes the dark and as dawn breaks, the flowers drop to the ground, forming a carpet of snow-white petals. Divine Parijatak’s sweet and sensual aroma creates a divine atmosphere and helps you unwind.

Fragrance Composition Parijatak
Burning Time Approximately 60min
Length 9in
Weight 50g
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Signature Collection

Sugandh Lok’s Signature Collection is the epitome of luxury agarbattis that will transport you to a world of indulgence and tranquility. Every stick is a work of art, crafted by master perfumers, and boasts of a 75-year-old formulation with organic ingredients that ensures high fragrance retention. Experience the richness of natural herbs and spices, blending into a perfect harmony and create truly exceptional fragrances. 

(Features: Handrolled: Organic : Herbal :  Burn duration- 60 minutes : Long retention: Luxurious)

Sugandh Lok Agarbattis

Sugandh Lok agarbattis are a divine olfactory delight, crafted carefully from the purest ingredients. With a legacy of 75 years, we bring you a premium range of fragrances developed from recipes handed down through generations. Each world-class fragrance is specially made in divine obeisance to its ancient origins, and will enchant and enhance your every experience.