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Relaxing Agarbatti - Vogue

Relaxing Agarbatti - Vogue

Pure Ingredients | Long Lasting Fragrance

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Sugandh Lok’s Relaxing is a calming and exotic fragrance created for today’s stressful routines. A careful blend of cardamom, patchouli, and cedarwood, this aroma intrigues and distracts the senses from stress. Cardamom energizes your surroundings while reducing fatigue. Grounding patchouli eases tension and induces harmony. Smooth cedarwood promotes feelings of vitality and energy. Breathe in to reset your day.

Fragrance Composition Cardamom, Patchouli, and Cedarwood
Burning Time Approximately 60min
Length 9in
Weight 50g
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Vogue Collection

Sugandh Lok's Vogue Collection offers a range of exotic and refreshing fragrances for anyone seeking a deeper sense of relaxation, balance and peace of mind. These agarbattis are the perfect choice for yoga sessions, spiritual healing and meditation. Light up these gourmet fragrances and let the aroma take you on a therapeutic journey to uplift your spirit and energize your soul.

(Features: Yoga : Mediation: Healing: Incense for fun )

Sugandh Lok Agarbattis

Sugandh Lok agarbattis are a divine olfactory delight, crafted carefully from the purest ingredients. With a legacy of 75 years, we bring you a premium range of fragrances developed from recipes handed down through generations. Each world-class fragrance is specially made in divine obeisance to its ancient origins, and will enchant and enhance your every experience.